Thanks to:

  • a Martha Stewart tutorial on how to make a seed bead fish
  • a clear glass ornament
  • ribbon
  • hot glue and
  • some blue sea glass,

I made my favorite ornament ever which now resides on my MIL’s tree.   I put just a few pieces of blue sea glass in the ornament as not to make it too heavy (they will fall and break, just ask my three other fish who no longer have a glass home), attached the beaded fish to the same beading wire used to create the fish (clear fishing wire would be even better…more flexible and less visible,) hot glued it to the interior of the ornament cap, found a matching blue ribbon and boom…under the sea, on a tree!

My favorite DIY ornament ever!

P.S. If you use translucent orange seed beads, they reflect the Christmas lights even more!

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