Do you know what my favorite thing in whole wide world is?


So, despite the fact that this is a manufactured holiday, I’m going to run with the theme if that’s okay.

I found a great idea via DailyCandy Kids via mer mag and God bless Merrilee for inspiring me to get my sewing machine back out of the attic and helping me make such cute Valentines!  I recycled the “ornaments” I cut out from my son’s Christmas party, yay for reusing!

PLEASE NOTE:  This is NOT my original idea, all credit should be given to (and printable template found at)

Organic lollipops from Whole Foods double-stick-taped to the back :)

You have to have warm chocolate chip cookies morning-of right?  I am loving this Publix “all-natural” cookie mix lately…a little too much.  Will try to find a link to the brand later.

I had to make something cute for my son’s class party, and do you see it too?  God made watermelon with hearts already inside of it!  How cool is that?!

The strawberries are organic (a.k.a. cha-ching) but the watermelon is conventional.  We try to buy organic foods from the Dirty Dozen list and chill out if they are on the Clean 15 list.  Thanks to EWG for curating this list each year!  Please visit their site to download your very own free copy or get the app on your phone.

After I crawled into bed last night, I realized that I had not yet made a special Valentine for my little man.  A quick trace, cut, and tape, and boom: back into bed.

Finally, a special thanks to my sweet dad (the definition of a true gentleman) for my beautiful roses.  xo

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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