You will not believe what happened to me yesterday.

I saw the guy distributing these through the neighborhood, and thought, “Sweet, I can just tell him I don’t want one and reduce waste.”


He literally told me that he HAD to put one on MY doorstep.  Not kidding.  Even though me, the homeowner, verbally and directly expressed the desire to NOT receive these items, IN PERSON TO THE PERSON DELIVERING THEM.  I was speechless.  I should have told him to get off my property ASAP and tell AT&T tough beans but I didn’t want to scare my toddler.

I asked him if he could repeat what he just said to my camera.  He declined for fear of getting in trouble with his employer.

So, big fail AT&T.

Phone books should be opt-in, not opt-out.

And P.S. Pretty sure I opted out last year.  Guess you didn’t get the memo.

UPDATE, 1/31/13:

OHMYFREAKINGGOSH people, guess what was on my doorstep today?!

AT&T Yellow Pages

As per my FB post:  “Not even kidding. I just chased down the kidnapper van that dropped this off at my house to give it BACK to them. Y’all remember my rant last year, right? This makes two years in a ROW (at least) that I’ve opted out and yet, here we are again.”  I am just beyond flabbergasted.

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