Guess who recently turned 4 and is kind of into superheroes right now?

By kind of, I mean they’re ALL HE TALKS ABOUT.

There was no way we could miss The Adventures of Mighty Bug, now showing at Center for Puppetry Arts.

Mighty Bug 1 (Anthony Owsley) (2)

The Adventures of Mighty Bug synopsis:

Welcome to Bugville, a jumpin’ little insect community that swings to the Bugville Boogie and the sweet sounds of WBUG Radio star Morpha Butterfly.



Watching over the insect citizens is the one and only Mighty Bug, a superhero with super strength, smelling, hearing, and flying abilities.

mightybug-4 rev

But Mighty Bug isn’t the only arthropod with an eye on Bugville. The evil arachnid Scorpiana has assembled a group to attack the town.


Can Mighty Bug defeat the evil Scorpiana and save Bugville? Find out in this science-filled comic book style adventure!


We arrived early and old school superhero music played beforehand…loves!

We enjoyed theme songs such as Speed Racer, Spider-Man, Batman, Mighty Mouse, George of the Jungle, Underdog, and more.

This superhero adventure was a perfect blend of action and education.  Filled with plenty of insect trivia and facts, this comic book style adventure story embraced a variety of puppetry styles (body puppetry, shadow puppetry and rod puppetry) and I love love love the fact that after the show ended, performers Dolph Amick, Allison Murphy, Spencer G. Stephens, Amy Sweeney, and Tim Sweeney took time to show the audience how it all worked behind-the-scences.

Jon Ludwig wrote and directed yet another hit, and my son would like to say the following, “Can you please send a message to Center for Puppetry Arts and say [I] really liked Mighty Bug and can you please play it every time we come.”

Tickets include museum admission as well as the Create-A-Puppet Workshop (or To-Go Kit), where you can make your very own Lightning Bug Rod & String Puppet.  We normally take ours home, but we met some cool friends during the show and decided to stay and make our puppets with them.  We will now do that every time, because it was so much fun.  They have all the supplies you need, including a BLACK LIGHT…way way cool.

Center for Puppetry Arts

The Adventures of Mighty Bug runs now through March 17th.  Check out show times and buy tickets here.

Preview trailer here:

I was not compensated for this post but did receive a pair of tickets to enjoy the show, which we so did.  Thanks Center for Puppetry Arts!

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