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Sugar And Kids: The Toxic Truth

Not good, people.  Not good at all.

Animaniacs “Be Careful What You Eat” Song

This is all kinds of awesome.   One of my favorite cartoons back in the day now proves to be relevant in my adulthood.  Full circle people! (Thanks to JoAnn […]

Non Toxic Revolution

Seen via The Crunchy Chicken via Ava Anderson Non Toxic. Most poignant quote, “Just 10% of cancer is genetic.” (President’s Cancer Panel)

I Spy With My Little Eye

Every time I see this truck pull up to a house on our street, my blood pressure rises ever so slightly. Since there is not much I can do about […]

I Knew Soda Was Bad For You…But Really?!

I’ve seen some new data floating around lately, and I had to head to my local grocery store to verify that indeed, there is flame-retardant in soda.  I got a […]

Keep Off

Nothing says “Southern Hospitality” like these cute little signs.   But seriously… On my walks, as I try to achieve a sense of health, well-being, and peace, nothing ticks me […]


Pinkwashing noun 1. a term used to describe the activities of companies and groups that position themselves as leaders in the struggle to eradicate breast cancer while engaging in practices […]

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