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Best News Ever

When you get a note home in your child’s school bag that looks like this: You do a happy dance that looks like, well, I won’t post it…but you get […]

#RiseUp With Novelis

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that while I’ve lived in this beautiful city since 1985, today was my very first Falcons experience (I know, ridiculous) at the Georgia Dome thanks […]

Celebrities At The Farm

  WARNING:  This post has nothing to do with healthy living or going green Just guess where Warner Brothers decided to shoot scenes from Trouble With The Curve?! On the […]

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta Sneak Peek

Just guess what my favorite toy is?


Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by the recent severe weather.  We saw this rainbow at the park a few hours before the storms hit Atlanta. […]

I Spy With My Little Eye

Every time I see this truck pull up to a house on our street, my blood pressure rises ever so slightly. Since there is not much I can do about […]

Keep Off

Nothing says “Southern Hospitality” like these cute little signs.   But seriously… On my walks, as I try to achieve a sense of health, well-being, and peace, nothing ticks me […]

F.I.L.A. (Forever I Love Atlanta)

  Atlanta in the fall is crazy beautiful.  The crisp blue sky and vibrant leaf colors make you forget all about the sweltering heat and smog alerts of 3 months […]

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