Once upon a time there was this guy who had a wife and a young son.  The guy liked to build things.  One day his wife said, “Why don’t you build a tree house for our son?”  The guy said, “Ok” and got to work.  He didn’t have any real plans, just a few hand-sketches.


The only supplies required, for reasons listed below, were:

  • untreated wood (several 2×4’s 1×6’s and 1×1’s) ,
  • a bunch of wood screws,
  • some lag bolts,
  • an electric saw, and drill, and most important
  • a level.

1)Untreated wood was required because the guy’s wife is worried that treated wood may some how cause harm to their child.  She mentioned something about off-gassing carcinogens. (Editor’s note:  no, sweetheart, it’s the bladder-cancer causing carcinogens in the arsenic-treated wood…but yes, we also need to think about off-gassing VOCs in the paint or stain we use) 
2) Wood screws because he thought they would be stronger than nails and because he had a bunch left over from a previous project.
3) The saw and drill for obvious reasons.
4) Lag bolts to ensure the safety of his son and the safety of any other neighborhood kids who may be playing on it.
5) And finally, a level to ensure everything was straight, square, and flat.

And so it began:

The aforementioned lag bolts to ensure strength and stability:

Fort Knox

After building the floor and putting in the supports for the railing the guy decided a tree house would be way cooler with a slide, so he picked one up at Lowe’s for about $80.00.  Later the guy would attach a telescope and a matching steering wheel.

Their son loves it and they play together on it everyday.

Total cost of the tree house so far:  $350.  They are thinking of adding a second floor, or a roof, or a spiral staircase, or something even cooler they don’t even know about yet.

The End.

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