In light of the recent media coverage of lead appearing in our lipstick, (see “What’s in Your Lipstick?  FDA Finds Lead in 400 Shades” as well as “Lead in Lipstick“) I felt it was fitting to post this amazingly informative video.  Please watch, share, and take action.  We (and our unborn babies) should not be human guinea pigs.


Overwhelmed?  Don’t be.

Instead, become fully informed.

I like to use EWG’a Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to look up current and potential new personal care products so I can either feel good about my purchase, or make a better decision.

I am more careful about things I wear daily, like body lotion or lip gloss, and try not to freak out over some of my not-so-healthy choices of products I don’t use on a daily basis.

I just picked up this new ZuZu Luxe lip gloss to replace my beloved conventional.  You’ll notice that ZuZu posts it’s ingredients right on the webpage.  My old beloved brand currently does not.

Out with the old…

In with the new:

Favorite body lotion?  Easy.  alba BOTANICA’s natural very emollient body lotion (unscented) is what I slather on my hands and bod countless times per day.

So, there you have it:  a sneak peek into my makeup bag.  What’s in yours?  Will you change brands if you find unfavorable results on Cosmetic Database?

*Note:  images link to said products on Amazon.  If you buy them from your click,  I get a few cents.  If I’m going to be talking about these products, and you maybe want to buy them, then hey, why not help support my annual domain fee.  I was in no way sponsored by any brand for this post and all opinions and recommendations are purely my own.

(Blond lady with red lipstick photo credit:

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