Love this.  Please tell me you don’t die at the, “All the ladies love my Prius,” line.

3 reasons why:

  • Filmed at Marist High School (my alma mater)
  • To the tune of one of my favorite Outkast songs ever
  • Promotes a green lifestyle in a very cool way

Made. My. Day.

“So Fresh, So Green” written and performed by Butta Biscuit, Mikey-B, Confucius Rodge, & Clive Sensation.
Video filmed and edited by Eric Eichelberger.

Awesome update 2/25/12 via the Marist Facebook page “Marist’s student-produced video, “So Fresh, So Green,” is the winner of the 2012 Green Cup Challenge video competition! Written and performed by seniors Branton Wandera (“Butta Biscuit”), Michael Bradley (“Mikey B”), Will Rogers (“Confucius Rodge”), Wes Brown (“Clive Sensation”), and Samuel McDaniel, and directed by Eric Eichelberger, “So Fresh and So Green” is going viral. It has been picked up by Huffington Post, Mother Earth Network, and Grist.”

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