I get really stir-crazy in the winter.

I need sunshine, warmth, time spent outdoors, and if I’m not careful, I fall into the “let’s just watch movies and eat grilled cheeses” rut far too often when the temperature dips below 50 degrees.

I was so stoked to receive the offer from Stonyfield to take their new YoKids yogurt Smoothies on the Moo-ve because we needed to get OUT OF THE HOUSE.

yokids smoothies

We packed up the car and drove from Atlanta to the beautiful mountains of Hendersonville, NC.

We enjoyed 52 Fun Things to do in the Car.

52 fun things to do in the car

52 fun things to do in the car cards

We drank YoKids Smoothies and shared them with friends and family.  I really appreciate delicious, healthy alternatives to more processed on-the-go snacks.



We worked the land and gathered brush.

Drove a 4-wheeler.

4 wheeler nc

Ate apples.

justus orchard

Constructed forts and snuggled puppies.


Fed chickens.


Roasted dinner.  Different chickens…

roasting dinner

Discovered crazy clusters of tadpoles just waiting for spring.


Trips like these help the winter fly by so much faster.

porch swing

Also, my husband (also known as “Mr. I don’t eat breakfast”) asked if he could take some to work.  So, thank you Stonyfield, for finally getting him to consume the most important meal of the day.  While they are officially coined “YoKids” Smoothies, in my house, we call them “YoThank-goodness-my-family-is-getting-calcium-fruits-and-veggies-all-in-one-ies.”


  • Coupons for (4) FREE 6-packs of YoKids Smoothies (That’s 24 smoothies!)
  • Deck of “52 Fun Things to do in the Car” cards (trust me…so much fun)
  • Plus an additional $25 worth of coupons for ALL of the following Stonyfield goodies (your choice of flavor):







Total Value:  $50

To win, leave a comment below and let me know if you did one of the following (tweet, FB like, FB share, Pin, etc.)  Each comment = 1 entry and each additional promo support gains another entry.

Winner chosen 3/11.  This is a sponsored post, but lucky for you I only accept sponsors on AGM that completely and totally rock.

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