Keep It Green & Clean Playdate

I was so honored to be asked to speak to the lovely mamas attending Body By Baby’s FREE fitness class (a super fun combo of the “Let’s Roll” Stroller bootcamp […]

Animaniacs “Be Careful What You Eat” Song

This is all kinds of awesome.   One of my favorite cartoons back in the day now proves to be relevant in my adulthood.  Full circle people! (Thanks to JoAnn […]


Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by the recent severe weather.  We saw this rainbow at the park a few hours before the storms hit Atlanta. […]

Non Toxic Revolution

Seen via The Crunchy Chicken via Ava Anderson Non Toxic. Most poignant quote, “Just 10% of cancer is genetic.” (President’s Cancer Panel)

Today Is A Gift

Saw this on a card at Whole Foods today and had to snap a picture as it meant so much.  No matter how bad things may get, I must remember […]

So Fresh, So Green

Love this.  Please tell me you don’t die at the, “All the ladies love my Prius,” line. 3 reasons why: Filmed at Marist High School (my alma mater) To the […]

DIY Night Light

Transitioning from a crib to a toddler or big boy bed poses many challenges.  

The Lorax Movie Screening Party!

What are you doing Saturday March 10th?  Want to join me for a screening party of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax at Phipps Plaza courtesy of  Stonyfield?

Story Of Cosmetics

  In light of the recent media coverage of lead appearing in our lipstick, (see “What’s in Your Lipstick?  FDA Finds Lead in 400 Shades” as well as “Lead in […]

Valentine’s Day 2012

Do you know what my favorite thing in whole wide world is? Love. So, despite the fact that this is a manufactured holiday, I’m going to run with the theme […]

What Happens In Your Body When You Eat Ramen And Gatorade

I love this experiment.  Check out the track they play in the background…hilarious.   Originally seen here.

Monsanto And The FDA Sitting In A Tree


Not Buying It

I’m not buying this…figuratively and literally. According to the AJC, “The Food and Drug Administration says it has confirmed low levels of an illegal fungicide in orange juice samples taken […]

DIY LEGO Firefighter Birthday

I’ve never poured so much heart and soul into a birthday party. Really, I even baked chocolate chip cookies to bring to the local fire station just so they would […]

Love This Little Girl

This could be one of the cutest kids on the planet.   Pretty eye-opening, huh? (Thanks to Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families for originally posting.)  

This Really Happened

You will not believe what happened to me yesterday. I saw the guy distributing these through the neighborhood, and thought, “Sweet, I can just tell him I don’t want one […]

Tegu Mobility: How Do You Roll?

To celebrate the launch of their innovative Mobility Line, Tegu has offered 1 car for giveaway per every 25 entries via my blog! Check out this very, very cool sweepstakes […]

I Spy With My Little Eye

Every time I see this truck pull up to a house on our street, my blood pressure rises ever so slightly. Since there is not much I can do about […]

Mom On A Mission: Lead Poisoning

Living in a house built in the 1950’s can really freak a new mom out.  Thank the Good Lord our paint tested negative for lead, but many families do not […]

Clearly I’m Not Your Target Market

Wordless Wednesday today is all about marketing…to the wrong person. I think I would roll over and die if I saw that my son’s tongue was this shade of purple.  […]

I Knew Soda Was Bad For You…But Really?!

I’ve seen some new data floating around lately, and I had to head to my local grocery store to verify that indeed, there is flame-retardant in soda.  I got a […]

Eco-friendly & Nonstick In The SAME Sentence?

My husband received this lovely gift from my mom recently, and of course had to run it by me before he attempted to cook anything on it.  My rants and […]

Green Toys School Bus Review & Giveaway!

Guess what I got in the mail?!   A Green Toys School Bus! I absolutely love this brand for so many reasons, like the following: From their website: Toy Safety […]

My Favorite DIY Ornament Evahhh

Thanks to: a Martha Stewart tutorial on how to make a seed bead fish a clear glass ornament ribbon hot glue and some blue sea glass, I made my favorite […]

DIY Christmas 2011

Thanks to Pinterest and my lifelong love of crafting, our kitchen table has doubled as a studio for the past few weeks. Feel free to share your ideas and links […]

There’s WHAT In My Kid’s Juice?!

Lead.  Arsenic.  In both organic and non-organic brands of juice.  That my kid drinks. *me hyperventilating* In case you haven’t heard, it’s all over the news, again. I first read […]

Why California Is Ruining It For The Rest Of Us

I love IKEA…they have some really affordable, cute and safe items which my home is no stranger to.  For example, look at this super cute and modern children’s chair.  I […]

My Day

Wake up way too early. Let my child have a few bites of a “natural” mango cream popsicle and watch Harold and the Purple Crayon while I shut my eyes. […]

Keep Off

Nothing says “Southern Hospitality” like these cute little signs.   But seriously… On my walks, as I try to achieve a sense of health, well-being, and peace, nothing ticks me […]

F.I.L.A. (Forever I Love Atlanta)

  Atlanta in the fall is crazy beautiful.  The crisp blue sky and vibrant leaf colors make you forget all about the sweltering heat and smog alerts of 3 months […]

DIY Halloween

This Halloween DS was a farmer.  I got the idea from Pinterest (original credit here) and was so thrilled to be able to make something for him!   Money-saver?  Nah.  […]

Why I Pass on J&J

***DISCLAIMER: I know that using this shampoo is not equivalent to bathing in rat poison.  I am sure my mother probably used J&J on me and I’m okay (for now.)  […]


Pinkwashing noun 1. a term used to describe the activities of companies and groups that position themselves as leaders in the struggle to eradicate breast cancer while engaging in practices […]

And So It Begins…

Hello world. I have started a blog, along with millions of other people. After years of debate, I finally decided to do this for many reasons, some of which include: […]

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