• Wake up way too early.
  • Let my child have a few bites of a “natural” mango cream popsicle and watch Harold and the Purple Crayon while I shut my eyes.
  • Feel like a parenting failure because I was too tired to tell him to stop, therefore allowing him to ingest all 20g of sugar.  (In my defense, it did have 20% DV of Vitamin A, 2% DV of Vitamin C, and 6% DV of Calcium)
  • Try to get some work done in the 12 minutes I have left of the 25 minute episode of Harold.
  • Eat a piece of pumpkin pie.



  • Try to redeem myself as a parent and make my son some honey whole wheat peanut butter and banana toast.
  • Shower with just enough time to shave absolutely nothing for fear DS would get into something.
  • Go to Fernbank with the family.
  • Try to stress the importance of sharing, taking turns and listening to a not-even-three-year-old.
  • Become very embarrassed and frustrated with my non-sharing, non-listening toddler.
  • Continue the tradition of healthy eating by stopping at a certain chicken-centric fast food place, thanks to the suggestion of a family member in earshot of guess who.
  • Little man finally falls asleep (yay!) but then a random coughing fit sabotages my naptime plans by causing him to puke up said fast food all over himself and the bed.
  • Nap time is over.  Work will have to wait.  So will the dish mountain.  Which keeps growing by the way.

PS It’s only 2:05PM.  Who knows what else today has in store?!

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