Nothing says “Southern Hospitality” like these cute little signs.

Anything BUT truly green


But seriously…

On my walks, as I try to achieve a sense of health, well-being, and peace, nothing ticks me off more than seeing these stupid pesticide signs.

When did it become normal to spray stuff on your lawn that was so toxic that the companies who spray tell you to keep your kids and pets OFF the grass?!  Does that not seem absolutely nuts to anyone else?  Where do you think that stuff goes after 24 hours?  My educated guess is that it does not just *poof* disappear.  It goes somewhere, and this earth is only so big.  Think about that.

PS Wondering how to manage without harmful chemicals?  There is hope.   Check out Beyond Pesticides…a fabulous resource!

He's so cute right?! WRONG.

Dead wrong.

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