This picture sums it up perfectly.

My dear neighbor, and he really is the nicest guy ever, has this diesel truck that is slowly killing himself, me and my family.  At least, that’s what I think every time I hear that thing start up.  If I had a million dollars, or even a couple hundred thousand dollars, one of the FIRST things I would do is buy him a new truck.  It is so sad that I can’t enjoy the nice fall air with open windows and doors and DS can’t play outside when that truck is just sitting there idling away.  I can’t bring myself to say anything to him, because he is so kind, and really what is the point?

Is he not going to drive that truck anymore?  No.  He needs it for his business.

Is he going to buy a new one?  No.

Will he perhaps not let that thing idle so long if I muster up enough courage to tell him that the only thing wrong with my serene environment is the pollution from his truck and I am afraid to breath outside when it is on?   Maybe.

Will he think I’m nutballs and tell the rest of the neighborhood that his crunchy green neighbor is losing it?  Wouldn’t be the first time someone has thought that about me (ahem, DH.)

P.S. Same thing goes for the large delivery trucks that putter through our hood.  You’re killing me.  You can go green you know, Staples did it.

Deep breath in...


And out. Ahhhh.


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