I’ve seen some new data floating around lately, and I had to head to my local grocery store to verify that indeed, there is flame-retardant in soda.  I got a few glances as I was the sunglasses-wearing lady taking snapshots of soda with an iPhone…but hey, maybe they read this blog and it will all make sense.

I just could not believe it.

This is made with real oranges, right? *eyeroll*

Please tell me my beloved Fresca is not guilty as well.

Yep.  There it is.  Crap.  I don’t even want to think about the gallons I’ve consumed over the years trying to stay skinny, as it has zero calories.  Not a good trade-off for the other ingredients.  I’ll just stick to water.

It’s not just soda either.  My husband’s favorite sports drink is guilty as well.

In all fairness, I did notice that Gatorade did have a “natural” option with beta carotene as the colorant, so kudos to them for trying.


P.S. The term “natural” is unregulated“FDA has not developed a definition for use of the term natural or its derivatives.” So don’t be fooled.  Read labels.

P.P.S. This ingredient is banned as a food ingredient throughout Europe and Japan, has not been reviewed for safety in food since 1977, and builds up in your heart, liver and fat tissue and perhaps even breastmilk.  Yuck.

The following outlets covered this topic.  See what they have to say about it, including the FDA’s position and expert testimony regarding  the safety of consuming brominated vegetable or soybean oil.

ABC News

Healthy Child Healthy World

Natural News


NY Times


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