Hello world. I have started a blog, along with millions of other people. After years of debate, I finally decided to do this for many reasons, some of which include:

1. The name atlantagreenmom.com had not been taken (score!)

2. The Twitter handle was available (@atlantagreenmom.)

3. So was the Facebook Page.

4. So was the Gmail address.

It was meant to be.

I also didn’t want to start a blog just for the sake of starting one, or just to be able to get free stuff. I wanted to blog with purpose, and connect with other like-minded parents. I also want to hear from those who totally differ in opinion from me, because it is really all about balance. Thanks for supporting me on my journey!

P.S. I find it very fitting that the only thing in the WHOLE house I could find to write with today, the day I decided to start this blog, was a GREEN crayon. My husband (DH) is drinking out of a green ginger-ale can (which by the way, has HFCS listed as the second ingredient.) And so it begins.

From this...


ATLANTA GREEN MOM:  Redefining Crunchy in the Heart of the South

To this...thanks to paint.


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