Exhibit A

Transitioning from a crib to a toddler or big boy bed poses many challenges.   One of which is convincing your child that their bed and their room are AWESOME and yours is notsomuch.  I am a big fan of cosleeping, especially in the first few days, weeks, and months.  However, when your child likes to sleep (and kick and fidget) in between you and your spouse like this, nobody sleeps very well.

Exhibit B

Little man could not have been any happier with his light (made from origami paper, scotch tape, 24 gauge wire and string fashioned around an existing light.)  Only problem is that the silence we heard for the first two hours after he went to bed was not sleep, but in fact mesmerized silence and awe.  Once the novelty of the light wore off, the proverbial, “Mommy, I’m done sleeping,” rang throughout the house followed by the pitter-patter to our room and alas, my plan failed.

He now wants me to make a surfer light and a hiker light.  I’m guessing they won’t make his room any more conducive to sleep either.

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