I’ve never poured so much heart and soul into a birthday party.

Really, I even baked chocolate chip cookies to bring to the local fire station just so they would stop by with their AWESOME fire truck.  (P.S. They do this for free because they love their community, and we love them!)

It’s not an easy task to have a birthday party with a red, blue, green and yellow theme without using artificial colors, flavors, or products made in China, but I tried.

I found so much inspiration online, (ahem, here) and a multitude of thanks goes out to the many ideas I found via Pinterest.

The full effect:

Cake table:

Pin It


I filled a large glass vase with our own LEGOs, put some tissue paper in the center to save on the amount we needed to fill it up, and added a head from the Container Store.


From Whole Foods and the colors are not artificial, yay!  We added our own toys for a cake-topper and printed out a banner with the ever-helpful LEGO font.

P.S. Everyone said it was the best birthday cake they have ever tasted.  Not kidding.


We covered the cardboard boxes that the party favors and juice pouches came in for a little extra color pop

Birthday Banner:

Red cardstock, string, double-stick tape, masking tape, yellow marker, scissors, and this downloadable font.

Lego Pinata:

Seventh Generation box, masking tape, double-stick tape, red cardstock, red tissue paper, ribbon, wire, organic candy :)

Gift Bags:

Red cardstock circles, adhesive foam, red paper bags, yellow tissue paper, double-stick tape, hole-punch, ribbon, yellow marker

Thank-you cards:

Red cardstock, yellow marker, double-stick tape, downloadable font listed above

Crayon holders:

baby food jars

LEGO downloadable coloring pages can be found here.

Yummy puffs for the babies

Balloon holders:

Baby food jars,  glitter, double-stick tape, cardstock

We built a place to house the napkins and silverware:

A place for the babies:

We had a punch-balloon section:

And a LEGO-building, lit up dancing section:


Happy Birthday sweet boy.  I love you.


1. If you need party planning help, I just may have discovered a new love for this type of thing and would love to help you plan an eco-friendly bash.  This bash was not as eco-friendly as I would have liked, but next year we will try to use less disposable/plastic items for decoration and eating.  We tried to re-use  items as much as possible.  We also tried to make sure that as many of the items as possible were Made in America and conformed to all the safety standards for children’s products.

2. If you want to borrow anything, holler!  I am all about re-using.

3. Next year we might suggest donations to CHOA instead of gifts.  You know, the whole Story of Stuff thing…

4. One reason I am a HUGE LEGO fan is because their products are mostly plastic #5, Polypropylene, a safer food-grade plastic.

5. That is not a picture smudge.  My husband has a black eye, er, nose from a soccer game.


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