WARNING:  This post has nothing to do with healthy living or going green

Just guess where Warner Brothers decided to shoot scenes from Trouble With The Curve?!

On the property right next to my dad’s farm.

Do you KNOW who stars in that movie?  Only Clint Eastwood and Justin ‘Ain’t nobody love you like I love you” Timberlake.

Not even kidding.

In the WHOLE state of Georgia, they picked his road.  Lucky duck.

My dad called to give me the scoop that the movie trailers were in front of his property and I totally geeked out.  I threw little man in the car and bolted up to Barrow County as fast as the speed limit would allow.  There was a roadblock but I knew the back way and went off-roading in my non-off-roading vehicle.  My napping toddler and I pulled RIGHT up to where Mr. Sexyback himself’s trailer was.  Again, not even kidding.  It was good I left when I did as they were wrapping up and I was there long enough to see him go from his trailer to a car waiting to whisk him off to shoot at another location.  I tweeted him that he should come up to the farmhouse for a good old paparazzi-free southern cooked meal.

Never heard back though.  Hmm…

I made friends with a really nice crew member who gave me the scoop and even offered me some Chinese food located RIGHT NEXT to his trailer.

It was surreal to see a quiet country road that  I’ve driven on a good portion of my life suddenly shut down to the outside world/traffic and filled with beautiful prop cars, trailers, vans, trucks, equipment, people with walkie-talkies, amazing cameras and more.  There were no reporters or throngs of screaming fans waiting to get a photo or autograph.  Just busy busy people, me, and my napping toddler.  I got a few looks, but I guess because I was super discreet with my iPhone shots nobody gave me a second glance.

Per Barrow Patch, “The scene that was filmed…features Timberlake driving down a country road, where he sees a group of kids playing baseball in a field…Timberlake stops to watch the game and offers his own play-by-play.”  I saw some kids in baseball gear walking away with their moms looking at their cameras, presumably reviewing shots of them with Justin.  It was cute.

According to @olv, “Trouble With The Curve is filming at 1041 N Highland Ave NE Atlanta tomorrow. Also scheduled to film on Peachtree Street near Juniper Street.” So if you are a star chaser, have fun!  I am done with Hollywood excitement for the week and will happily return to my work-at-home-mom duties.  That is, unless, they just happen to need an extra to play J.T.’s love interest.  Then I can perhaps clear my schedule.

P.S. You know who are an even bigger superstars in my book?  The two cuties posing with Armageddon the horse.  Yep, that’s right, my dad named his horse Armageddon.

Update:  J Timbs spotted in DT Athens (Thanks PZH for this!)

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