Safer, Healthier Popcorn

Conventional microwave popcorn = no bueno. Here’s how to make a healthy and delicious alternative: Ingredients: 1/2 cup of organic, non-GMO popping corn 1-3 tablespoons of organic olive oil Directions: […]

Top Questions From Moms

So what should I feed my kids with/off of? (dishes, sippy cups, utensils…in other words, BPA confusion) The Soft Landing Shopping Guides are like gold.  Also see their BPA, PVC […]

Food Talk

Real Moms Love To Eat contacted me via PeaceLoveMom to do a little interview.  How fun!  Check it out here.  (P.S. I’m not really cooking something in that photo)

Breaking News: Chickens & Bunnies ITP

So we volunteered this morning at our neighborhood park to help clean it up for spring (sans pesticides and herbicides) and had the pleasure of meeting not one but TWO […]

Keep It Green & Clean Playdate

I was so honored to be asked to speak to the lovely mamas attending Body By Baby’s FREE fitness class (a super fun combo of the “Let’s Roll” Stroller bootcamp […]

Animaniacs “Be Careful What You Eat” Song

This is all kinds of awesome.   One of my favorite cartoons back in the day now proves to be relevant in my adulthood.  Full circle people! (Thanks to JoAnn […]

Non Toxic Revolution

Seen via The Crunchy Chicken via Ava Anderson Non Toxic. Most poignant quote, “Just 10% of cancer is genetic.” (President’s Cancer Panel)

Valentine’s Day 2012

Do you know what my favorite thing in whole wide world is? Love. So, despite the fact that this is a manufactured holiday, I’m going to run with the theme […]

What Happens In Your Body When You Eat Ramen And Gatorade

I love this experiment.  Check out the track they play in the background…hilarious.   Originally seen here.

Not Buying It

I’m not buying this…figuratively and literally. According to the AJC, “The Food and Drug Administration says it has confirmed low levels of an illegal fungicide in orange juice samples taken […]

Love This Little Girl

This could be one of the cutest kids on the planet.   Pretty eye-opening, huh? (Thanks to Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families for originally posting.)  

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