Swiss Family Robinson

Once upon a time there was this guy who had a wife and a young son.  The guy liked to build things.  One day his wife said, “Why don’t you […]

DIY Night Light

Transitioning from a crib to a toddler or big boy bed poses many challenges.  

Valentine’s Day 2012

Do you know what my favorite thing in whole wide world is? Love. So, despite the fact that this is a manufactured holiday, I’m going to run with the theme […]

DIY LEGO Firefighter Birthday

I’ve never poured so much heart and soul into a birthday party. Really, I even baked chocolate chip cookies to bring to the local fire station just so they would […]

My Favorite DIY Ornament Evahhh

Thanks to: a Martha Stewart tutorial on how to make a seed bead fish a clear glass ornament ribbon hot glue and some blue sea glass, I made my favorite […]

DIY Christmas 2011

Thanks to Pinterest and my lifelong love of crafting, our kitchen table has doubled as a studio for the past few weeks. Feel free to share your ideas and links […]

There’s WHAT In My Kid’s Juice?!

Lead.  Arsenic.  In both organic and non-organic brands of juice.  That my kid drinks. *me hyperventilating* In case you haven’t heard, it’s all over the news, again. I first read […]

DIY Halloween

This Halloween DS was a farmer.  I got the idea from Pinterest (original credit here) and was so thrilled to be able to make something for him!   Money-saver?  Nah.  […]

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