So we volunteered this morning at our neighborhood park to help clean it up for spring (sans pesticides and herbicides) and had the pleasure of meeting not one but TWO families who feel as passionate as we do about living cleaner and greener.  The first gentleman I met (we will call him “C”)  mentioned spraying vinegar to keep the weeds at bay…the second I heard the word vinegar my ears perked up.  What is even more awesome about this is that he lives right down the street and is a corporate tax accountant, not a farmer or a earth-loving-hippie (well, he may be on the weekends, and more power to him.)  We proceeded to discuss diesel exhaust, growing your own food, testing for lead in soil, raising chickens, etc. and before I knew it, he mentioned that his good friends live nearby and get this…have CHICKENS…that lay eggs…which they eat!  WOW!  Right ITP (that is inside-the-perimeter for those of you who are non-Atlanta readers) We walked over to meet them and had the pleasure of taking an impromptu tour of their backyard.  This beautiful woman and her lovely family showed us so many things that blew my mind.  They grow edible mushrooms.  Their kids know which “weeds” are edible.  They have cute baby bunnies which little man got to hold.  They have a bunny palace.   They have a self-sustaining fish pond that doubles as nutrient-rich water for their garden.  They are building a beehive-area.   These people attend the Georgia Organics conference and know about things like the Mushroom-Growers Society of Georgia.  If you guys think I am a green mom…think again.  I have so very much to learn.  However, it is becoming increasingly apparent to me that

a) I am not alone

b) There is power in numbers

c) There is hope for a healthy, sustainable future

Cheers and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! xoxo AGM

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