How’s Your Heart?

I had a little unexpected health scare when Jackson was born, but thankfully I’m okay. (Like really  thankful.) Ever since that intense experience, any time I get so much as […]

Radon, Radon, Go Away

So…we sold our Ashford Park home of 7 years this summer after it thankfully passed a radon test that the potential buyers ordered.  Can I please tell you how freaked out […]

Things I (We) Should Probably Know About Home Safety This Winter

As Atlanta Green Mom, I’m pretty much always on a mission to stay aware and protect my family from ANY POSSIBLE HAZARD ever.  It’s a tiring job, and one I […]

Do You Febreeze?

1. Just a reminder to KEEP YOUR CELLPHONES AWAY FROM YOUR HEAD.  (Can you tell I’m totally freaked about cell phone radiation seeing as I’ve owned one since I was […]

It’s Fall, Y’all! {$500 SpaFinder e-Gift Card Giveaway}

Yesterday marked a very important turning point in 2013:  it is now officially fall. And while I spent part of the day at the pool (because, Atlanta), I was wistfully […]

How To Be Brave With Your Lawn

1. Who wants a pesticide-free zone lawn sign?  I did at my old house, but was afraid the lawn-spraying company our neighbor used would spray ours out of spite.  I […]

Wal-Mart Goes Green(er)

1. ” Wal-Mart announced Thursday that it will require its suppliers to phase out about 10 hazardous chemicals from personal care products, cosmetics and cleaning products sold in its stores.” <- Yes!  This! […]

That Couch Life, Tho

1. Hey!  Who wants a chemical-free couch?  I do!  Why is it so hard to buy a safe sofa?  This will give you some insight.  P.S. Check out Robert Craymer‘s line […]

Summer Break 2013

Hi friends! In light of the fact that my child is out of school, and we are selling our house, and I’m having oral surgery, and I want to do […]

This Green Mom’s Kid Has A Cavity

1. Avocados are awesome. 2. Do you use RoundUp?  If so, read this. 3. Some people  are scared of microwaves. 4. Moms are changing the way we see autism. 5. […]

Like A Green Boss

1.  I’ve been finding so much goodness lately from the Grow Food, Not Lawns Facebook Page. 2.   Wondering about the current state of our air quality?  Read here. 3. […]

Safe Until Proven Guilty?

1. We are so trying this healthy after school snack:  honey almond butter popcorn!  I’ve been trying to nix our microwave use completely, so I’d use the stove top version […]

I’m Not Always Debbie Downer. Just FYI.

1. If you are looking for tasty meatless eats and mindful living, welcome to serene kitchen. 2. Here are 10 ways to naturally manage childhood asthma. 3. I’m off to […]

11th Annual Atlanta Earth Day Kids Fest {Giveaway}

The 11th Annual Earth Day Kids Fest (EDKF) hosted by the Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) and the Chattahoochee Nature Center (CNC) is this Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 10am to […]

Got $106,000?

1. The nation’s strongest bill on toxic flame retardants passes the Senate…unanimously!  So, how long do I have to wait to buy my new, flame-retardant-free sofa? 2.  Does anyone here […]

Our Ancestors Had It So Good

1. Here are 5 reasons why microwave popcorn isn’t good for you. Here’s how to still enjoy popcorn sans the PFOA and dacetyl. 2. Yikes…this is a good reminder to […]

Safer, Healthier Popcorn

Conventional microwave popcorn = no bueno. Here’s how to make a healthy and delicious alternative: Ingredients: 1/2 cup of organic, non-GMO popping corn 1-3 tablespoons of organic olive oil Directions: […]

Hate Is A Strong Word. Unless You Are Talking About Flame Retardants.

1. This Man Wants You to Believe That BPA-Laced Plastic is Harmless.  (But we all know the truth, right?) 2. You know lead is bad, but do you know why? […]

Let’s Talk About Turf

1. Tell the NOSB NO more antibiotics in organic apples and pears!  (I know, my heart broke when I heard this was happening too.) 2.  I never realized that Daylight Savings […]

Peace Out, Sugar

1. Healthy Child Healthy World launched an all new and improved website this week.  The old was was amazing, and the new one is even more so, if you can […]

Smoothie on the Moo-ve {GIVEAWAY}

I get really stir-crazy in the winter. I need sunshine, warmth, time spent outdoors, and if I’m not careful, I fall into the “let’s just watch movies and eat grilled […]

Um, So, Frankenfish?

1. “Kellogg recalls some Special K cereal, citing glass fragments.” -Reuters 2. “The federal Food and Drug Administration is on track to approve AquaBounty AquaAdvantave transgentic salmon – the first […]

EcoStyle South’s “Spring into Green Market”

What are you doing March 8-9?  You should join me at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church for EcoStyle South’s first annual “Spring into Green Market.”  This fun 2-day shopping event will […]

A Cup. For Women.

1. Environmental Working Group has a new site!  Check it out.  LOVE them.  Same old good stuff…healthy cleaning guide, skin deep guide to cosmetics, sunscreen guide, shopper’s guide to pesticides […]

The Adventures of Mighty Bug

Guess who recently turned 4 and is kind of into superheroes right now? By kind of, I mean they’re ALL HE TALKS ABOUT. There was no way we could miss […]

Best News Ever

When you get a note home in your child’s school bag that looks like this: You do a happy dance that looks like, well, I won’t post it…but you get […]

Clear Skin…FINALLY

Oh hey there…dear skin of mine…It’s been a long, long time since I could look at you and not scowl. For some reason you decided to freak out on me […]

Safer Holiday Toys

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the most stressful with regards to shopping. From product recalls to lead scares, you can’t be too careful when it comes […]

#RiseUp With Novelis

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that while I’ve lived in this beautiful city since 1985, today was my very first Falcons experience (I know, ridiculous) at the Georgia Dome thanks […]

Get Artificial Food Dyes Removed ASAP

According to this video, artificial food dyes have been linked to hyperactivity, aggression, asthma, allergies, and cancer. Who needs them?  Not me. Not you either?  Cool.  Sign this petition and […]

BlogHer NYC 2012

Want to read about my  fabulous time in NYC?  You so should.  This posts features the likes of  Rouge Tomate, Healthy Child Healthy World, Stonyfield, SafeMama, Gigi Lee Chang, Chelsea’s Table A […]

Demand A Better Food System

Support a healthy and more sustainable farm bill here.

Callaway Gardens Summer Family Adventure

Have you ever wanted to be 12 again?  Thanks to Callaway Gardens Summer Family Adventure,  I was able to go back in time AND experience that with my family. I […]

Swiss Family Robinson

Once upon a time there was this guy who had a wife and a young son.  The guy liked to build things.  One day his wife said, “Why don’t you […]

Sugar And Kids: The Toxic Truth

Not good, people.  Not good at all.

Top Questions From Moms

So what should I feed my kids with/off of? (dishes, sippy cups, utensils…in other words, BPA confusion) The Soft Landing Shopping Guides are like gold.  Also see their BPA, PVC […]

Food Talk

Real Moms Love To Eat contacted me via PeaceLoveMom to do a little interview.  How fun!  Check it out here.  (P.S. I’m not really cooking something in that photo)

Breaking News: Chickens & Bunnies ITP

So we volunteered this morning at our neighborhood park to help clean it up for spring (sans pesticides and herbicides) and had the pleasure of meeting not one but TWO […]

Celebrities At The Farm

  WARNING:  This post has nothing to do with healthy living or going green Just guess where Warner Brothers decided to shoot scenes from Trouble With The Curve?! On the […]

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta Sneak Peek

Just guess what my favorite toy is?

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